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"My failures have been errors in judgement , not of intent"

       -Ulysses Grant


Paid for by the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club ID # 1395285

Can Republicans become relevant again in California?


Having been actively involved in the internal workings of the Republican Party, especially in Los Angeles County since 2002, I for one believe the answer is yes.


What will it take for that relevancy to take place, especially considering the diversity that exists within the Party itself?

Starting at square one, what does it mean to be a Republican in 2018 as opposed to the time when we had Republican Governors like Reagan, Wilson or Deukmejian?


Both major political parties have a clearly stated platforms and yes there is a difference. But in practice we see both parties including Republicans moving away from many of the values and ideals stated in those platforms.


Moving to the left is not the same as moving to the center for many Republicans. The Democrat Party while enjoying a wide voter registration margin over Republicans is seeing a dramatic lack of participation at the polls in most if not all local races from city council to congress. Yes, they still have enough to pull off a win, but that window is narrowing.


For the past 8 years we have heard from Republican Party Leaders, that to expand the party and improve our registration, we must be more inclusive, especially to Hispanics. After all, the Hispanic Population is growing exponentially and is now a majority in many areas of California.


Having attended several large local Republican gatherings where this strategy is being advanced, I find it discouraging when I hear we as a Party must stop speaking about illegal immigration least we offend Hispanics. One such speaker went so far to say that most Hispanics have someone in their family that is in the country without documents.


In addition to the Immigration issue, we are being told to stop speaking about “Social Issues” like Traditional Marriage and Abortion. We do not want to be the Party who discriminates or is too Religious for our own good.

Our leaders have been pursuing a strategy of being the party that focuses on the economy, taxes and sound fiscal policies. How has that worked out?


It hasn’t proven to be a sound strategy as evidenced by the downward spiral of Republican Voter Registration numbers year after year.

Yes, the Republican Party is diverse on every issue including Marriage, abortion, immigration and most other issues, but our Platform remains the same.


The June 5th Election had two Republican Candidates for Governor who each ran on being a “Conservative”. While Marriage was not a major point of either campaign, Life and opposition to Planned Parenthood was a major component to each campaign. Likewise, Illegal Immigration was also a major component to both campaigns.


These two issues, both of which, the Republican Party Strategists have been steering republicans away from, were without a doubt well received in California.

One democrat candidate for governor who not only had more name recognition than the two republican candidates for governor, and millions more in his campaign war chest, failed to make the top two primary short list.


So now we know, the Republican Party Platform in California is more relevant today than in any year in recent memory.

Now it is up to Republicans to come together and unite behind our Candidates for all the positions in November.


June 5th is over, if your candidate failed in going forward, we do not have the luxury or right to sit this out.


As my choice for Governor said on a regular basis, if you voted for the “other guy” you voted for Hillary.


Time to step up and engage with all the passion and energy that we demonstrated in the primary and direct it to seeing our candidates from Governor to Assembly are successful in November.


The future is ours to win.


Join me, David Hernandez former Candidate for Lt. Governor of California.


Unite and win!

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