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Jeffi Girgenti

for County Supervisor District 3

Jeffi Girgenti is a small business owner, homeowner. Jeffi has lived in the 45th assembly district to County Supervisor District 3 for several decades. Her father was a Police Officer in the City of San Fernando.

As an equestrian and horse owner, she supports and respects the rights of individuals to maintain that lifestyle and property rights. 


As a dog owner/lover she supports and respects the rights of those “without a voice” when it comes to the humane treatment of animals.


As a homeowner she supports property rights and the right not to be overtaxed or having one’s rights infringed by over development.


As a small business owner, she is a strong advocate for the rights of those hard working individuals who step up to do the same.

Jeffi Girgenti for County Supervisor District 3

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Kristina Irwin

For City Council

Click on the link button below to Kristina Irwin's for City Council page. We can make a difference together, side by side. Let’s once and for all help shape the city’s future for a brighter tomorrow.

We can do this together and we need to do this now. 

Kristina Irwin | Political Candidate Los Angeles California


Burton Brink

for Assembly

Burton Brink has dedicated his entire life to public service. As a retired sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, he has demonstrated his professional ethics, morals, and accountability to the people of Los Angeles County. 

Burton Brink

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Gia for 2022

State Assembly District 51

My father was born in Italy. Once Mussolini was deposed; my family fled their beautiful country for another beautiful country, Costa Rica. My mother was born in Costa Rica. After they met & married there, they settled in Lincoln Heights, where I was born and raised. I literally grew up on the soccer field (ask me about that sometime). Saturday mornings were spent with my cousins taking Italian lessons at St. Peter's Italian Church. Holidays, we took turns celebrating at my aunts' and uncles' homes which included the traditional "kids' table".  

I was taught to be diligent and industrious. My first job was with the Fire Department in Lincoln Heights. So began the work and pay taxes regimen. I never gave a second thought to who, what, where or why those taxes were required . . . until the lockdowns.

Gia for 2022

Suzette Martinez Valladares

California Assembly

She grew up in the San Fernando Valley, the granddaughter of a farmworker who worked alongside Cesar Chavez in the vineyards near Bakersfield. She was blessed with loving parents who valued education, family and community responsibility.


After college, she remained close to home serving as a district representative for former local Congressman Buck McKeon. During that time she was honored as a “SCV 40 under Forty” by the Santa Clarita Business Journal. In 2012, Suzette left the public sector and became Executive Director of Southern California Autism Speaks. Her career is based on serving others, with a passion for early childhood education and advocacy.

Suzette was elected to the California State Assembly with 76% of the vote in November 2020. Assemblywoman Valladares was selected to serve as the Vice Chair of the Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media Committee, and on the Assembly Committees on the Budget (Education Finance, Public Safety Subcommittees), Communications and Conveyance, Rules, and Higher Education.

Suzette and her husband Shane live in Santa Clarita with their daughter Charlette.


Suzette for Assembly



Lucie Volotzky

for Congress

As an immigrant, and as a woman, there was a sense of pride and satisfaction when I went into the polling booth to cast my vote for a candidate or issue. As an adult I am fully accustomed to the outcome not correlating with the way I voted, but I respected the vote of those who made other choices and voted in accordance with their values.

But failing to elect someone or pass or defeat an issue due to others positions and votes is not the same as having to exercise my right to vote in a system designed to influence the outcome rather than respect ones right to vote.

Much too often abusees or misdeeds are accepted and written off as a unintended consequence of a system where there are too few resources, personnel or even public interest.

Low voter turnout has become the norm rather than the exception.

Coming through this past election cycle, the challenges and questionable behavior due to a mass ballot dump into a system which has failed to maintain accurate and creditable voter rolls, is not the model for National Policy.

The Right to Vote by Minorities and Women came at such a high cost that we cannot diminish that right, especially in the name of “For the People Act”. I stand for Voting Rights and against HR1 and the attempt to institutionalize Voting Rights Abuse.

Lucie Volotzky for Congress


Mike Garcia

for U.S. Congress

With my experience, I know what needs to be done and I wouldn’t be able to look my 2 young boys in the face and tell them I had the opportunity to make things right, but I chose not to. The sacrifices to my family and me are significant but there is nothing more important than this today. We need to be aggressive this time.

Mike Garcia for Congress