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Leave No Assembly District Behind


Politics is a contact sport, but unlike sports, there are no sidelines. Every play on the field has a direct impact on the audience.

If you do not field a Team, the game is not called off. The other team runs up the score as they see fit, no matter who gets hurt.

My name is David Hernandez, Chairman of the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club.

In the 2018 Primary there were 8 State Assembly Seats in Los Angeles County with no Republican in the race.

That meant there were 329,041 Republicans and 559,340 Independent Voters with no Republican to vote for.

The filing period for the 2020 Election Cycle closes December 6th. We currently have 13 State Assembly Districts with no Republican registered to run. If no one files in those districts, the 2020 election cycle for Assembly is over.

The Los Angeles Hispanic Republican is looking for individuals to fill those empty seats. 

How can you help?

Our club is raising money to support candidates who would like to run but cannot afford the filing fee.

Will you help us field a Republican Team?  

Contribute today to the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club at our web site LAHRC.US

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