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Locate, educate,        motivate and    mobilize Hispanics who support shared values and objectives; both young and old.

Provide them with information and tools to strengthen their positions, defend their positions and expand their positions to others.

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California State Senate District 30

    Special Election March 2, 2021

             Vote for Tiffani Jones


Tiffani Jones for State Senate


Support for the Family/Parental Rights


The best advocate for a child is their parent. Children and Parents have a right to the best education possible, whether it be Public, Private, Charter or Homeschooling.


The best advocate for a child’s health is their parent and their physician. Attempts coming from Sacramento to restrict or remove the parent from the ability to decide on the child’s medical wellbeing and performing medical procedures must be brought to light and challenged.

I fully support Parental Rights and Informed Consent.


​Employment Choice-Repeal AB5

Like so many in California, the passage of AB5 has proven to be an attack on the ability of Independent Contractors to earn a living. While some enjoy the benefits of being a member of a class that has an exemption, many thousands in over 400 Professions have been impacted in a negative and punitive manner and have lost their ability AB5 must be Repealed. 

Individuals who choose to work as Independent Contractors must have their rights protected.


Safe Neighborhoods


Our families have a right to live in clean safe communities. We have the ability to establish and fund programs to address the challenges to our Quality of Life. The resources are there and can be accessed without cutting the budgets of those tasked with our Public Safety.

Criminal Justice Reform enacted to reduce the number of those in our State Prisons without adequate re-entry programs or mental health programs has resulted in flooding our communities with thousands Homeless individuals many who are non-functioning, mentally unstable and often violent individuals.


The reduction in penalties has proven to be detrimental to those with substance abuse challenges, as the reduction from Felony charges to a misdemeanor, has removed the incentive to seek treatment as opposed to jail time. The end result is the number of drug over doses and deaths are in the thousands.


There are many challenges facing the residents of the 30th Senate District, these are just a few.


I am asking for the opportunity to represent you in the California State Assembly


Tiffani Jones, Candidate for State Assembly District 30.

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