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Locate, educate,        motivate and    mobilize Hispanics who support shared values and objectives; both young and old.

Provide them with information and tools to strengthen their positions, defend their positions and expand their positions to others.

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Beginning Monday January 17th we will launch a New Membership Drive. Any new member who joins our club LA or OC will be entered into a drawing to win 2 VIP Tickets to Ask-a-Jew? Ask-a-Gentile? event on March 3rd.

For our current members we will have a separate drawing for two VIP Tickets.



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Great news!

Commissioner Burton Brink has received the needed nomination signatures to be our verified Candidate in the Special Election for the 49th Assembly District Open Seat Ballot!

Thank you to all who helped gather the needed signatures! This could not have happened without you!

Burton still need everyone’s help! The election is less that two months away!

Please make a donation to help him get elected to this seat. Let’s take back our state together!

Special election alert.

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