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Mission Statement


Locate, educate,        motivate and    mobilize Hispanics who support shared values and objectives; both young and old.

Provide them with information and tools to strengthen their positions, defend their positions and expand their positions to others.


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​​The LAHRC is here to support our 


Phone:  1 818-448-3403

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"Larry Elder -
"Support the LA Hispanic Republican Club" 

Larry Elder lends his support to the LAHRCLAHRC
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- San Diego County 
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Paid for by the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club ID # 1395285


Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club

Endorsed Candidates

Endorsements from the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club

are determined by a Majority Vote of the Board of Directors.


They are not intended to reflect the endorsement or

support of any individual

Board Member or Member of the Organization.




Benito Bernal District 29

Mike Garcia District 27

Michael Koslow District 26

Pedro Antonio Casas District 31

Calvin Lee District 34

Eric J. Ching District 42


Steve Williams District 43


State Senate


Lucie Volotzky District 27


Elizabeth Wong Ahlers District 25

James Arlandus Spencer Disrict 35


California State Assembly


Tony Rodriguez District 44


Tracey Schroeder District 46

Raul Ortiz District 64

Nick Wilson District 53

Paul Jones District 62

Paul Jones California Assembly District 62

Elaine Alanaiz Assembly district 54. 



Patrick Gipson District 40


Jessica Martinez District 56

Michelle Del Rosario Martinez District 41

Long "David" Liu District 49

Keith G. Cascio District 55

George Barks District 66

Joshua Rodriguez District 69

Victoria Garcia District 43

Ted Nordblum District 42


Non – Partisan Races


Ely De La Cruz Ayao LA City Council District 6


Rudy Melendez LA City Council District 2

Raquel Villalta LAUSD Board District 3

Raquel Villalta for LAUSD School Board

John Quintanilla,

Pasadena Community College Board of Trustees


Lydia Gutierrez LAUSD Board District 7

Jack Guerrero Riverside County Supervisor Dist. 3

LA County Supervisor Dual Endorsement

Alex Villanueva LA Supervisor

John Cruikshank LA Supervisor

LA County DA Dual Endorsement

 David S Milton LA County District Attorney

Elect Judge David S. Milton For District Attorney

John Mckinney LA County District Attorney

LA Judge of the Superior Court Office #

12   Lynn Diane Olson

Re-Elect Elect Judge Lynn Diane Olson (

39  Steve Napolitano

HOME | Napolitano for Judge (

48  Renee Rose

ReneeRoseForJudge — Renee Rose For Judge

97 Sam Abourched


115  Keith Koyano

Home | Keith Koyano for Judge 2024 | Los Angeles

124  Emily Theresa Spear

Emily Spear for Judge

130  Christopher Darden

Christopher Darden For Judge

135  Steven Yee Mac


137  Diana Ruth James

Diana James for Judge (

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Los Angeles

Hispanic Republican Club               

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Talk Show

Saturday Evenings


Call in number:


New time

Host David Hernandez

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Email David at:


With special guest Briana Cespedes


Capital Watch


Jennifer Kennedy

Past Broadcasts

Special interview 
Jorge Ventura

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jorge v.jpg
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C & M Metals

 1709 East 24th St

 Los Angeles, CA90058

 323 234-4662

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